Sap & Syrup


Filtering and D.E. changes make for easier canning

Peter Gregg | January 2017

A couple years ago, sugarmaker Rick Newman was sitting around a table with a group of other sugarmakers who serve on the Cornell Maple Advisory Committee, and he surmised that filtering was becoming more of a problem at his sugarhouse and that maybe it was an issue worth exploring.
He got an unanimous consent. MORE ]


Capping the sap, plantation sugaring in Vermont

Peter Gregg | December 2016

Some people are calling it Frankenmaple.
The new plantation style sugaring system developed by the University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center has had the industry abuzz since it was first unveiled three years ago.


EcoVap electric evaporator catching on

Peter Gregg |

Dominion & Grimm's new evaporator technology, the EcoVap, makes making syrup as easy as turning on the dishwasher at night before you go to bed.

It runs on electricity. That’s right, electricity. MORE ]


Expect significantly lower bulk syrup prices in 2016

Michael Farrell |

Bulk syrup prices are expected to be significantly lower when you go to sell your crop this spring, and it has absolutely nothing to do with how much syrup is made. With most agricultural products, prices are usually correlated with the size of the harvest. If there is a shortage, prices will rise and if there is a surplus, then prices will likely fall.


Sugarmakers boil 41% sap

Peter Gregg | May 2015

The maple industry may be one step closer to making syrup without boiling sap. MORE ]


'Autumn Blend'

Peter Gregg |

Some call it defying Mother Nature, others would call it taking advantage of her, but the fall tappers are at it again.

"I only planned on having enough sap to boil on the stove," said Cody Armstrong, one of the few brave souls who tapped trees this fall. "I thought it would be cool." MORE ]


Logs to lumber

By Peter Smallidge, Cornell University | Nov. 2015

A common feature of managed woods, and an aspect that has made them popular among farmers, woodlot owners and maple producers is the potential to harvest logs and produce boards. MORE ]