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  •  A new spout from Lapierre USA offers more contact surface with the tap hole, increasing efficiency

Lapierre touts its new spout

New design features straight-on insert


SWANTON, Vt.—Lapierre is promoting a new spout, designed with Vermont sugarmaker David Folino, that features a straight insert with minimal taper to have more contact surface to the tap hole. 
The spouts are made of a polycarbonate see-through material and have depth lines in order to see how deep it is.  This allows for tapping crews to more accurately set a tapping depth consistently.
The spouts also have a short joint for an easier “slide-in” of the drop line.  
Lapierre said that after lots of testing and consultation with Folino and other sugarmakers, they found that a thin wall version would give better adaptation to taphole imperfections. 
The new spouts are available at Lapierre’s Swanton, Vt. headquarters or ordered through its expanding dealer network.