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SapCheck gets patent for its text-based sugarbush monitor

Peter Gregg | February 23, 2021

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I.—The Bosworth Co. has been awarded a U.S. Patent for SapCheck, its popular pump monitoring and control system.

SapCheck is designed for remote monitoring and control of vacuum pumps at small sugarbushes.

SapCheck uses SMS text message commands to monitor and control sap collection activity from cell phones. MORE ]


High brix researched at Proctor Center

Paul Post | June 9, 2017

New high-brix concentration reverse osmosis technology cuts fuel costs without sacrificing any of the flavor consumers look for in quality maple products.
But attempting to use it with an existing evaporator, is akin to putting a Hemi engine on your grandfather’s 1939 John Deere tractor — an exaggeration perhaps, but the point is clear.


Automated R/O introduced to market

Peter Gregg |

Brush off that easy chair in the sugarhouse.

A new R/O is now on the market that is completely automated, programmed to carry out virtually every function on its own from starting and stopping to washing and flushing. MORE ]