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SapCheck gets patent for its text-based sugarbush monitor

Also partners with Mountain Maple, expanding offerings


EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I.—The Bosworth Co. has been awarded a U.S. Patent for SapCheck, its popular pump monitoring and control system.

SapCheck is designed for remote monitoring and control of vacuum pumps at small sugarbushes.

SapCheck uses SMS text message commands to monitor and control sap collection activity from cell phones. 

The sugarmaker can send text messages to start and stop pumps, monitor pump vacuum levels and and more. 

Meanwhile, the company is partnering with Dave Bisbee of Mountain Maple of Princeton, Mass., licensing SapCheck technology to his line of Mountain Maple Diaphragm Pump Controller systems.

“With SapCheck remote monitoring, our users will have an affordable way to remotely monitor sugarbush operations to ensure proper and effective operation of their vacuum equipment,” Bisbee said.