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U.S. sets modern day record in maple production

More than 4.2 million gallons were produced this spring


GREENWICH, N.Y.—Sugarmakers in the U.S. had another monster year with more than 4.2 million gallons produced this spring, breaking yet another record, according to statistics complied by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, a branch of the USDA..

In all, the United States production was 4,271,000 gallons of syrup made, beating last year’s total of 4,207,000 and setting yet another modern day record.

Leading the way in production was Vermont, with 1.98 million gallons made, short of last year’s number by just 10,000 gallons.

In second place was once again, New York State with 760,000 gallons, beating last year’s total of 707,000, according to the statistics service.

In third in state production was Maine, with 709,000 gallons made.  Wisconsin with 200,000 gallons and New Hampshire with 154,000 gallons rounded out the top five.

In the yield per tap category, Maine took top honors with .375 gallons of syrup per tap, followed by Vermont with .366 and New York with .287 gallons per tap.

In total tap count, Vermont led the way with 5,410,000 taps, a huge jump over last year’s 4,850,000 taps.  New York’s tap count rose slightly with 2,650,000 taps this year.  Maine had 1,890,000 taps out this year, according to the statistics service.

The United States had 13,341,000 taps in all in 2017, jumping last year’s tap count total of 12,552,000.

A complete breakdown of all the statistics will be published in the 2017 U.S. Official Maple Syrup Almanac, available in July.

The U.S. crop follows on a record setting crop in Quebec as well, where Quebec’s 13,700 maple syrup producers harvested a record 152.2 million pounds of maple syrup from 44.2 million taps.

Never have Quebec producers produced so much maple syrup. In 2016, 148 million pounds were harvested, beating the 2013 record of 120 million pounds.