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  •  The FDA will make sugarmakers declare syrup to have 'added sugars' when there are none.

URGENT: FDA looking to tarnish pure maple image

Gov't to make maple declare 'added sugars'


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Proposed FDA regulations will require single ingredient foods such as maple syrup to declare the product contains “added sugars” even through there are none.

In new labeling laws, now under consideration, the FDA will make producers declare that syrup has up to 23 grams of “added sugars.”

This untrue statement could have a devastating impact on sales, industry officials say. 

After much objection from the industry, the FDA has proposed a slight modification, adding a symbol  “†” to the line that has an explanation below the label  "All these sugars are naturally occurring in Maple Syrup"

“However, the consensus of maple and honey industry associations is this will not be correctly interpreted by consumers, and that the average consumer will think the contents of the package have been adulterated and are no longer pure,” said Helen Thomas, executive director of the New York State Maple Producers Association.

Current proposed regulation is here:

 Comment period ends June 15, the comments are at:  Or:

 Producers are urged to go online and file a comment. 

“We think it is important that comments focus on the consumer confusion that will result from a line implying sugar has been added to the contents of the package,” Thomas said.