Season Summaries


  •  Lancaster, N.H. sugarmaker Dave Fuller boils on April 12. He said most of the crop in his area has been dark grades. He had made 4,780 gallons already this season off his 10,250 taps.

  •  A hired man offloads sap at Fuller's Sugarhouse in Lancaster, N.H. on Tuesday, April 12. The season has been a big one in the northern U.S. In some areas, there could be two more weeks of boiling.

  •  Wilson's Mills, Maine sugarmaker Nick Staley watches a big tank fill up with concentrate on April 12. To date, Staley has made more than 9,000 gallons off his 25,000 taps with two weeks to go with the season, if the forecast holds.

  •  Rookie sugarmaker Nick Staley checks his density during a boil on Tuesday, April 12 at his brand new sugarhouse in Wilson's Mills, Maine. "It's been kind of hectic," he said of his first season.

Season closing down in some northern areas

'All of our drums are full,' one sugarmaker says


LANCASTER, N.H. — The season in some parts of the northern U.S. is close to the end, with lots of happy sugarmakers.

"All of our drums are full," said Dave Fuller, of Fuller's Sugarhouse in Lancaster, N.H.  "So I guess that's a good sign."

Fuller was still boiling on April 12 and the sap was still gushing.

"This morning I had a tank overflowing," he said.

To date, Fuller said he has made 4,780 gallons off his 10,250 taps.  It has been an exceptionally long season, with his first boil coming on Feb. 4.

"We're gonna be just over a half gallon per tap," he said.

Fuller expects to go into the weekend and then shut down, if the forecast for a stretch of 70 degree weather holds.

Fuller is also a major bulk syrup buyer in Northern New Hampshire and Northern Vermont.  He says that all of his suppliers are enjoying a bumper crop.

And anyone holding light grades this year is going to be the belle of the ball.  Most sugarmakers have made a ton of dark syrup in most locations, he said.

Meanwhile, in Wilson's Mills, Maine, rookie sugarmaker Nick Staley was also enjoying a season that has lasted more than two months, and could go at least another two weeks in his area.

Staley has 25,000 taps out in this, his first season.  

He has made a huge investment in a new sugarhouse and fully equipped operation, with more than 150 miles of pipeline.

"We're having a good time and making lots of syrup," Staley said on Tuesday, after firing up his Leader 5x16.

As of April 12, Staley said he had made more than 9,000 gallons.  The forecast for the next week also looks favorable for more production, and no signs of metabolism in his syrup just yet.

"It's been kind of hectic," Staley said.


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