•  The new VMSMA containers will have new labeling as well.

New VMSMA container timeline finalized

New containers to debut in June

By | MARCH 31, 2017

WATERBURY, Vt. — Coming June 1st!  New plastic containers from the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association featuring revised branding will be available on June 1 from Hillside Plastics Co.’s Sugarhill Containers. 

“With the 2017 season underway, we’re excited to finally be able to announce a timeline for the roll-out of VMSMA’s new plastic and glass containers featuring the revised Vermont Maple Syrup branding,” the association said. 

The final design went through several tweaks over the past year and a half.

The VMSMA will offer an adhesive full-color wrap label instead of the 3-color screen-print. 

These are the same XL-coated jugs from Hillside but with new labeling. The labels were tested for durability and held up flawlessly in testing, the VMSMA said. 

“With the manufacturing process quicker for applying the adhesive label, Hillside has told us that fulfillment of orders will be quicker,” the association said.

All of the labels, from 100ml up to the gallon, will feature the same design, scaled appropriately to the size of the label. 

The pound and half-pound cream containers will share a matching design as well. In the coming months we’ll be rolling out a full description of all of the components of this design to explain why each element shows up on the label. 

Hillside will be building inventory of the new labeled jugs (above) so as to be able to fulfill orders placed by VMSMA container dealers on June 1 on a first come, first serve basis. 

In order to have alignment between our plastic and glass jugs, the VMSMA glass jug labeling has evolved to align with the plastic container labels. “Consistent use of logos, fonts, and text-copy all help to reinforce our new branding,” the association said.