Sap & Syrup

  •  New CDL 17,000 gal. sap silos at Patterson Farms in Sabinsville, Pa. Owners Terri and Terry Patterson installed the silos this fall to help maximize efficiency at the 80,000-tap farm.

  •  Terri & Terry Patterson at 80,000-tap Patterson Farms in Sabinsville, Pa.

  •  Pre-filters to be used before filling 17,000 gal. sap silos. The farm will use 2 silos for sap and one for permeate.

  •  Terry Patterson at 80,000-tap Patterson Farms in Sabinsville, Pa. checking one of his massive new CDL sap silos.

New CDL Sap Silos at Patterson Farms

Each silo holds 17,000 gals


SABINSVILLE, Pa.—Big improvements at Pennsylvania's biggest sugarbush with new CDL sap silos.

Terri & Terry Patterson took over ownership as the 4th generation sugar makers of Patterson Farms in Sabinsville, Pa. after Terry’s father, Richard, passed away in 2017.

Richard would be proud to see them keeping his legacy alive by accomplishing plans he had for the farm before he passed, as well as bringing some of their own ideas to the business.

Patterson Farms is the largest producer in Pennsylvania with more than 80,000 taps.

As an effort to maximize efficiency they recently purchased three 12’x20’ CDL Stainless Steel Sap Silos.

The silos can be fed from top or bottom.

The bottom is sloped for full drainage, and is equipped with a washing system.

Each silo can hold 17,000 gallons.

Trucks will unload sap into the first silo where it will then run through a sand filter into the second silo.

Filtering the sap before it runs through the RO will prolong the life of their membranes and prefilters.

The third silo will hold permeate from the RO for cleaning.