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  •  The new FlexClip saddle designed by Lapierre. The fitting features a self-adhering food grade gasket and also a diamond-tipped anchor molded into the inside that will grip the pipe. The saddle clips over the mainline tension wire, adding stability to th

  •  The FlexClip fitting is secured with a screw. Six twists and its tight and sealed on the mainline pipe. The sugarmaker drills out a hole with a 7/32 drill bit as a final step of install.

  •  Sugarmaker Ryan White of White’s Farm Supply in Danby, Vt. installs a new FlexClip connector developed by the R/D team at Lapierre Equipment led by Jean Francois (Jeff) Goulet and the Lapierre family. The new saddles are designed to be easy and fast to

  •  Sugarmaker Ryan White of White’s Farm Supply in Danby, Vt. installs a FlexClip, a new mainline entrance fitting from Lapierre Equipment that is designed to install in under 30 seconds, snapping onto the mainline tension wire and screwed tight with just

Fast! Lapierre touting new mainline FlexClip fitting, installs in less than 30 seconds

FlexClip installs in under 30 seconds


DANBY, Vt.—Lapierre Equipment is touting its new FlexClip mainline entrance fitting designed to be fast, easy and fun to install.
It’s the latest industry offering in the race to create leak proof saddles.
“We claim it’s the fastest install on the market,” said designer Jean Francois (Jeff) Goulet, research and development man at the company, along with company founder Donald Lapierre and son Carl Lapierre.  “You just click, screw and drill.”
The black nylon fitting features a pre-stuck-on gasket that secures and self-aligns tight to the pipe.
The inner surface of the FlexClip has a molded-in diamond tip that anchors the fitting in place.
The biggest benefit seems to be ease of use, Goulet said.
The clip clicks into place over the mainline tension wire.  The sugarmaker then makes approximately six twists of the screw, securing it.
The sugarmaker then drills a hole into the pipe through the spout with a 7/32 drill bit and it is installed.  The spout is aligned in the “2 o’clock” position for the lateral loop to connect easily.
So far the company has fittings for 1 inch pipe only but will be releasing 3/4 and 1 1/4 and 1 1/2 soon.
The FlexClip is available this fall at all Lapierre dealers in the U.S. and Canada.
“We worked to make something simple,” Goulet said.  “And we have been telling people it’s the most fun to install.”