•  The new edition North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual is available for free download.

Long awaited new edition producers manual launched

Third edition of the North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual available for free download

By PETER GREGG | JULY 28, 2022

UNDERHILL, Vt.—The most comprehensive resource for sugarmakers just got better!
The Third edition of the North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual has a new chapter on food safety, as well as updated chapters on sap, syrup, and value-added product production based on the most recent research and modest updates to other chapters.
Remaining chapters have had modest updates.
There are sections on sugarbush management, economics of maple businesses, marketing, and more.
The 434-page Manual is available for free download - just send a blank email to and you will automatically receive a link.
Since 1958 the North American Maple Syrup Producers Manual has served as a basic reference source for the production of pure maple products. 
This 2022 edition provides up-to-date,science based information and recommendations relating to all aspects of the industry.
The guidelines presented will help users ranging from the hobby and beginning producer level to those well established in the industry.
In addition, the information herein will benefit foresters,land managers, Extension and outreach personnel, and others aiming to provide assistance to those in the maple industry.
Numerous photographs, tables, a glossary and hyperlinks to selected source materials are included.
Chapters are as follows:
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: History of Maple Syrup and Sugar Production
Chapter 3: The Maple Resource
Chapter 4: Planning a Maple Syrup Operation
Chapter 5: Sugarbush Management for Syrup Production and Forest Health
Chapter 6: Maple Sap Production—Tapping, Collection, and Storage
Chapter 7: Maple Syrup Production
Chapter 8: Syrup Filtration, Grading, Packaging, and Storage
Chapter 9: Maple Sugar, Maple Cream, Maple Candy, and Other Value-Added Products
Chapter 10: Marketing Maple Products
Chapter 11: Economics of Maple Syrup Production
Chapter 12: Maple Production Facilities
Chapter 13: Safety in the Sugaring Operation
Chapter 14: Food Safety for Maple Production
Appendix: Chemistry of Maple Sap, Syrup, and Sugar