Season Summaries

  •  Jo-Anne Beaucage and Mario Bélisle of Montcerf-Lytton, Que. in the sugarhouse this season. Quebec producers made 41 million pounds more syrup than last year.

  •  Sugarmaker Julien Dupasquier from Frelighsburg, Que. in the sugarbush this season. Quebec has 11,300 sugarmakers selling syrup to the Federation, which is the marketing agency for the province.

  •  The strategic reserve in Quebec is holding about 90 million pounds, as of May. But that should go up after the province's big crop this season.

  •  Each year 300,000 barrels of Quebec syrup in Quebec undergo a rigorous inspection and grading process run by an independent organization.

Quebec crop comes in at 159 million pounds

Whopper of a crop comes in 41 million over last year

By PETER GREGG | JUNE 12, 2019

LONGUEUIL, Que.—A late spring and cold temperatures did not slow down Quebec maple producers. 

Quebec’s 11,300 sugarmakers made more than 159 million pounds of maple syrup this season, a dramatic increase of 41 million pounds over last year. 

Quebec sugarmakers averaged 3.43 pounds per tap, according to the Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, the industry trade association.  Sugarmakers in the province put out 46.4 million taps this season.

Leading the way in regional production was the Chaudière-Appalaches region with 3,258 sugarmakers making 54,392,782 pounds, the QMSP reported. 

The Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie region produced 35,202,300 pounds and the Estrie was the third biggest region with 26,906,525 pounds produced.

Meanwhile, the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve, located in Laurierville in central Quebec, was holding an inventory of 87.4 million pounds as of early May with 5 million pounds of organic syrup.

Prices paid to Quebec producers for this years syrup are $2.95 per pound (CAN) for Golden Delicate, $2.94 for Amber Rich, $2.85 for Dark Robust and $2.55 for Very Dark.  

Producers are offered a bonus of 18 cents for organic syrup and are penalized 7 cents per pound of their syrup is delivered in galvanized barrels.