•  Beech syrup is one of the new offerings from The Forest Farmers, the new venture headed by former Cornell University researcher Michael Farrell.

  •  Michael Farrell of The Forest Farmer's massive new sugarhouse in Marshfield, Vt. mans the controls on the CDL R7 steam evaporator he uses to process his various tree syrups, including beech, birch and of course maple. The company is marketing the product

  •  Farrell works the CDL R7 steam evaporator processing late season birch syrup on May 7.

  •  The Forest Farmers of Marshfield, Vt. is marketing its early season birch syrup as "Sweet Birch."

New Leaf Tree Syrups by The Forest Farmers makes sweet debut

Company to offer beech syrups, among other offshoot products


MARSHFIELD, Vt.—Beech syrup? Really?

New Leaf Tree Syrups, the marketing brand of The Forest Farmers which operate sugarhouses in Marshfield, Vt. and Ellenburg, N.Y., announced a new specialty line of organic tree syrups which include American Beech, birch syrup, walnut and of course maple. 

“We’re excited to introduce people to a whole new world of tree syrups,” said Dr. Michael Farrell, CEO of New Leaf Tree Syrups.  Farrell is the former head of Cornell University’s maple research center in Lake Placid, N.Y. who helped launch the new private operation in 2017, taking his research skills to the private sector.

“Many people only think of maple syrup and pancakes, but they’ve never tried walnut, beech or birch syrup which feature their own unique flavor profiles that don’t necessarily all belong on breakfast foods,” Farrell said.

The 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York served as a launch for the brand. 

The New Leaf’s product line-up includes: 

-American Beech: A unique and extremely rare syrup featuring strong notes of dried pear and raisins.

-Sweet Birch: Made from the sap of wild birch trees, this intriguing syrup has a fruity, raspberry-like flavor with mineral overtones. 

-Tangy Birch: Condensed from the late-spring sap of wild birch trees, this tangy syrup imparts sour fruit notes.

-Maple/Birch Blend: The familiar, warm taste of maple with the raspberry-like essence of birch creates a fruity twist on a time honored favorite. 

-Maple/ Walnut Blend: This classic pair combines the beloved flavor of pure maple with the buttery and nutty notes of walnut tree syrup. 

The Maple News toured the Forest Farmers facility in Marshfield, Vt. this spring.  The massive sugarhouse is equipped with a CDL R7 steam evaporator, which Farrell says is maybe the best way to process birch, which is very delicate.