Lead-Free pumps from Oberdorfer perfect for the sugarhouse

Simple design easy to maintain

By | DECEMBER 5, 2018

QUINCY, Ill.—Oberdorfer pumps by Gardner Denver has announced a new lead-Free NL4000L pump, percfect for the sugarhpouse.

The pump has a compact simple design that’s easy to service and clean which minimizes downtime, the company says. 

The NL4000L’s bi-directional flow and self-priming capability along with pulseless flow and low NPSHR (net positive suction head required) make them ideal as filter press pumps.  

The NL4000L can cover the sugarhouse’s filter press needs, the company says.
"So standardize and simplify your operation with the durable, economical choice and reduce maintenance while increasing reliability and uptime," the company said. 
Here are few additional benefits to using Oberdorfer’s NL4000L gear pump:
  • PEEK and Stainless Steel combination gears for longest life with sugar sand and DE
  • Constant flow without pulsation 
  • Quiet operation due to helical gears