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  •  The syrup crop in Quebec is expected to come in as low as 140 million pounds, down from 211 million last year, experts say.

Quebec crop expected to be way down

Could be as low as 140 million pounds, experts say

By PETER GREGG | MAY 18, 2023

LONGUEUIL, Que.—The Quebec crop is expected to be way down off of last year’s record breaker.

Vallier Chabot, co-owner of CDL told The Maple News that the Quebec crop could be off by 30 percent.

“Last year we made 211 million pounds in Quebec and there are predictions that this year’s crop will be around 140 million pounds,” he said.

Other sugarmakers are reporting a 40 percent loss over last year’s crop in the province.

The Quebec Maple Syrup Producers federation said there is plenty of syrup in the federation warehouses to handle consumer demand.

“We are confident that the stocks of the strategic maple syrup reserve and those of buyers and processors will be sufficient to meet the demand for maple products in 2023,” said Joël Vaudeville, the federation’s director of communications.

The Global Strategic Reserve held 36.3 million pounds as of the end of February, he said.

He said of that, 33.8 million pounds is table grade and 2.5 million is industrial syrup.

Buyers and processors have also built up reserves in recent years.

These are around 70 million pounds, he estimated.